New Babies Coming In October

Mom To Be. Madison

Hello All!  My name is Madison.  I was named after a city!  Oh well, a girl can't be too choosy, right?

Anyway, in October I am going to have my last litter.  Three litters is plenty!

The dad is Merlin.  Merlin is a sweet guy.  I like him.


The puppies are still "cooking".

See you soon!

Mom To Be. Emme

Hi.  I am Emme.  That is what is on my pedigree.  But my real name (sing it now) is "Emme...Emme...Emme"

I am going to have my first litter in October.  Little Man  and Idol  are the dads.  Little Man is little.


Wazzzz Up?

I am Merlin.  I love the dog show.  I get to show off, and my humans get ribbons and medals!  Whee!

I won all of the titles that IABCA (International All Breed Canine Association) has to offer!  So that makes me TOP DOG!

Little Man

When I arrived from the Ukraine, they called me Sergue  (Sir-Gay).  But I convinced them that I need an American name that is fun!  So, now I am Little Man.  I AM NOT LITTLE!   I might only weigh 3.4 pounds, but I am not little. 


G'day Mate!  I am not from Down Under.  I just think it is cool to talk like that.  My name is Idol.  I was named after ice cream!  How great is that.

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